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Shortly before graduating from college, my mom began asking me what I wanted for my graduation present. When I told her that I wanted to study improv comedy for a month in Chicago, she was less than thrilled. She wanted to give me something tangible that celebrated my (really, our) accomplishment and would forever remind me of that day.

In her words, "I wanted to figure out a way to give you insight into who you are and who you could be -- information and wisdom from your family and friends to help you learn from their experiences." She searched endlessly for something that could allow her to do this, but the memory and scrapbooks on the market all fell short of her expectations.

So in true "my mom" style, she created her own book and presented it to me on the day of my graduation. When I opened the book I was captivated to hear how my family and friends each answered the following questions: If you were 21 again, what would you do differently? and What advice do you have to give Alex as she begins to pursue her vocation?

I will never forget how I felt turning page after page of messages dedicated to me, filled with incredible insight as I began this new and exciting stage of my life. There were messages from family who lived thousands of miles away and friends celebrating with me that night. Some messages were a page or more long, some just a few poignant words. Each was a reflection of the person who wrote it: a gift that only they, with their unique experiences and perspective, could give and, above all, an expression of their love for me.

I knew this gift was too wonderful to keep to myself. One year later, was launched!

*Then she gave me the box with my plane ticket to Chicago, but that's a different story altogether.


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Each book features friends´ and family´s answers to unique, insightful questions, giving your recipient guidance and encouragement as they enter a new stage of their life. You will have the chance to choose these questions and your contributors later. Celebrate a moment, inspire for a lifetime.